Lute & Lute by city chen

「老樂器。再相聚」是2011年台灣流浪之歌音樂節的十週年特別企劃,邀請鍾玉鳳的琵琶、巴勒斯坦烏德琴手Sameer Makhoul與南印度打擊手Ramesh Shotham在古老的音樂語言中對話,三位樂手在傳統與現代的交織中,共同為老樂器開啟新的聽覺經驗。

“Lute and Lute” was a project in 2011 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Migration Music Festival in Taiwan, for which Yufeng teamed up with Palestinian oud player Sameer Makhoul and Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotham. They engaged in a musical dialogue that covered ground in both traditional and contemporary music, pairing ancient instruments together to create a new experience for listeners and musicians alike.