Chung Yu-Feng with Matthias Frey by city chen

Matthias Frey是德國著名的鋼琴家、電影配樂者,兩人的合作始於2008年由Matthias主導的「越界計畫」,此計畫共有9位音樂家參與,來自德國、外蒙古、印度、埃及、台灣、以色列的音樂家共同創作巡演。琵琶在Matthias Frey自由寫意的鋼琴裡出入無時,飄浮的音聲在失重邊緣探尋引力,他們的二重奏帶來新的敘事,也曾為無聲的電影演奏現場即興。

Matthias Frey is a German pianist and academic who composes for film. Yufeng participated in his project “Crossing Borders,” which also included musicians from Germany, Mongolia, India, Egypt and Israel. Matthia’s approach to composition provided a weightlessness for the pipa’s voice to flow freely. Yufeng and Matthias have also worked together in a duo setting, exploring new narrative ideas by performing live for silent film.