Chung Yu-Feng with Ramesh Shotham&Zoltan Lantos by city chen

始於2006年流浪之歌音樂節的計畫,玉鳳與資深的南印度打擊樂手Ramesh Shotham、匈牙利小提琴手Zoltan Lantos進行首次的跨界合作。琵琶以創作為對話平台,跨文化的三重奏展現沖刷競技的張力,與兩位即興高手激盪出耳目一新的況味。

A performance project for the Migration Music Festival in Taipei in 2006. Yufeng played with the highly accomplished Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotham and Hungarian violinist Zoltan Lantos in this cross-genre, cross-cultural collaboration. For Yufeng, working with these two expert musicians created a refreshing, new experience for both the musicians and audience.