Chung Yu-Feng with Sotali by city chen

這是玉鳳與瑞典民謠音樂家Daniel Fredriksson(曼陀拉)、Daniel Pettersson(有鍵提琴)的計畫,三位音樂家在異質性的音響中彼此啟發,共同努力打造當代民謠的新語境,雖然地域性的跨越令人興奮,最初兩位Daniels精良的樂器仍讓琵琶備感壓力,然而有時適度發炎不是壞事,如果有一天玉鳳改造了琵琶,一定是來自斯堪地那維亞音樂家的刺激。

This trio project with Swedish folk musicians Daniel Fredriksson and Daniel Pettersson focused on creating a new, fresh soundscape. The “two Daniels” and Yufeng worked together to create a new language for contemporary folk music. For Yufeng, it was a challenge and a joy to find common ground to share between her pipa, Fredriksson’s mandola and Pettersson’s bowed nyckelharpa. As she says: “If I could reinvent the pipa, I would draw inspiration from Scandinavian musicians.”