Chung Yu-Feng with Sambasunda by city chen

Sambasunda是著名的印尼西爪哇的甘美朗樂團,在團長Ismet Ruchimat充滿創造力的帶領下,開創了巽他傳統音樂絢麗多彩的當代版圖。Sambasunda既傳統又前衛的音色,以及24小時擁抱樂器的熱情,總是帶給玉鳳源源不絕的靈感,驅使琵琶在另一個奇幻向度,沈醉不知歸路。

Sambasunda is a renowned Gamelan ensemble from Java, Indonesia. Under bandleader Ismet Ruchimat, the group has carved out new territory for traditional music in a contemporary setting. With tones and colors that range from the ancient to the avant-garde, and infused with infectious passion, the band provided an endless well of inspiration for Yufeng, which prompted her to explore new realms on the pipa during their collaboration together.